Daniel Montanera

Assistant Professor,
Institute of Health Administration Georgia State University
Mailing Address:
Institute of Health Administration
Robinson College of Business
35 Broad Street NW, Suite 805
PO Box 3988
Atlanta, GA 30302-3988

Telephone: (404) 413 - 7640
E-mail: dmontanera1@gsu.edu

Curriculum Vitae


LeCraw, Florence R., Daniel Montanera, Joy P. Jackson, Janice C. Keys, Dale C. Hetzler, and Thomas A. Mroz. 2018. Changes in liability claims, costs, and resolution times following the introduction of a communication-and-resolution program in Tennessee. The Journal of Patient Safety and Risk Management 23(1): 13-18. 

Cano-Urbina, Javier and Daniel Montanera. 2017. Do tort reforms impact the incidence of birth by cesarean section? A reassessment. The International Journal of Health Economics and Management 17(1): 103-112. 

Montanera, Daniel. 2016. The importance of negative defensive medicine in the effects of malpractice reform. The European Journal of Health Economics 17(3): 355-369. 

Satyamurthy, Shruthi and Daniel Montanera. 2016. Racial Concentration as a Determinant of Access to Health Care in Georgia. The International Journal of Child Health and Human Development 9(4): 33-44.

Satyamurthy, Shruthi and Daniel Montanera. 2016. Chapter 3: Racial Concentration and Access to Health Care in Georgia. In: Environmental Health Disparities: Costs and Benefits of Breaking the Cycle. Rubin, I. Leslie and Joav Merrick eds. New York: Nova Science.

Working Papers

The Differential Effects of Malpractice Reform: Defensive Medicine in Obstetrics (coauthored with Javier Cano-Urbina, under review)

Selection-Proof Reimbursement of Healthcare Costs in Capitation Payment Models (coauthored with Zhaowei She and Turgay Ayer, under review)

Mitigating Risk Selection in Health Care Entitlement Programs: a Patient-Level Competitive Bidding Approach (coauthored with Abhay N. Mishra and Raghu T. Santanam, under review)

The Effects of Communication and Resolution on Malpractice Liability Outcomes (coauthored with Florence R. LeCraw, Joy P. Jackson, Janice C. Keys, Dale C. Hetzler, and Thomas A. Mroz, under review)

Reassessing the Effects of a Communication-And-Resolution Program on Hospitalsí Malpractice Claims and Costs (coauthored with Florence R. LeCraw and Thomas A. Mroz, under review)

Selection-Proof Health Insurance Exchanges

Physician Mobility and the Differential Effects of Defensive Medicine


Intermediate Microeconomics II (Course Syllabus)

Introduction to the U.S. Health Care System(Course Syllabus)

Health Economics and Financing (Course Syllabus)

Health Economics (Course Syllabus)


American Society of Health Economists (ASHEcon) 

Canadian Economics Association (CEA) 

Canadian Health Economics Association (CHEA) 

Canadian Health Economists' Study Group (CHESG) 

Canadian Public Economics Group (CPEG)

International Health Economics Association (iHEA)

Southern Economics Association (SEA)



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